Some Durable Styles of Displays Used for Outdoor Purposes

For people that work with trade shows in outdoor arenas there are several specially designed outdoor display stands you can use. A display stand is the way you get to exhibit your particular item or service. These can be designed to hold paper items such as flyers and brochures or made to hold merchandise. The units designed to be banner stands can display a banner or poster image which can clearly identify your product or service to the crowd.

The banner models for outdoor use come with a base piece which can be filled with water, sand or gravel to make it heavy enough to stay in position even in strong winds. There are also pavement stands and “A” frame boards created specifically for use outdoors. These units are constructed with heavy molded plastic frames or metal frames which are designed to be outside for long periods of time. These types of advertising signs are good to use in front of a place of business to draw customers inside. These signs can be made to have messages that are permanent or interchangeable.

The “A” frame board is sometimes referred to as a sandwich board and is made to be portable. The frame easily collapses so you can bring it inside at the end of the day. These boards can also come as dry erase boards so you can write your own special of the day or other information for the passing customer to see. This particular display is commonly used for restaurants and coffee houses. The type of outdoor display stands you choose to use will depend on whether it is going to be temporary or permanent.

In addition to the signs and message boards for displaying information, there are also complete tent like structures you can use. These shelters are designed for outdoor use in a trade show or exhibit type setting. The design can be a simple wall board unit or a canvas canopy piece. The models can include front door openings and screened sides for ventilation. These outdoor display stands designed as shelters, provide the maximum coverage against any type of weather and will protect the items you have inside.

PeteSome Durable Styles of Displays Used for Outdoor Purposes