Some Popular Brands Of Children’s Waterproof Wear

Children all over the world enjoy playing and off course all the fun begins when water is involved and getting wet. In order to make sure your child is warm and dry proper waterproof clothing must be provided. When your child is safe and dry with these types of clothing they can feel more comfortable when they play and of course, parents will not have to worry every time it rains or snows.  The manufacturers of childrens waterproof trousers and waterproof coats have designed a wide range of quality children wear and here are a few of the most popular options.

Sprayway is one manufacturer who has established well on the market for producing quality clothing for children. The trousers that they produce are made of two layers and lined with taffeta in order to provide more warmth.  They are also wind proof and waterproof. Their Velcro closure system is easy to use and can keep away the water from the shoes.

Kiba is another popular brand for children waterproof clothing. Their KibaFlex coats are made of eco friendly materials which provide warmth but at the same time a freedom of movement. Their inside is lined with fleece and there is a hood which can be removed when not needed. The child will be protected from the wind with the storm flaps. These coats are washable and this is maybe one of their best features.

North Face is a famous brand for outdoor gear and clothing and they have a special line for children as well. A matching jacket and trousers can be purchased from this manufacturer. They are designed according to the newest technology and they contain double layer of HyVent fabric which is there to ensure warmth. There is also a one piece suits for children that are very easy to put on or remove because it zips from top to bottom.

PeteSome Popular Brands Of Children’s Waterproof Wear