Some Useful Thai Phrases

Sawat dee, hello. The first phrase anyone should learn when visiting Thailand. Although most Thai people in the service industries of Thailand speak a little english, navigating outside the popular tourist areas will require a few phrases of Thai. Besides no matter which country is visited, it is considered respectful to at least attempt to communicate in the national language. The most practical phrases are the ones that will be used daily while shopping or visiting local sites.
The following are simple phrases, direction questions are usually accompanied by pointing to a picture, or place on a map, that will suffice for the proper name.
Can you help me? Chuay chan
Where is…? you tee nai…
Bus stop- tar rot mai
Airport- sa nam bin
Train station- sa tar nee rot fai
Temple- wat
Which way..? Bai tang nai
Left- sai
Right- kwar
Turn- leaw
I want to go… chun ja bai..
When counting is required.
Can you make it cheaper? lot noi dai mai
no-mai dai
When interrupting or passing some one, say sorry- khor thot
When saying exscuse me to ask for something, say- kor thod ka
Thank you-khorb khun
Pronouns are used in polite conversation, preceding the question or statement.
I or me- chan
you- khan
him- khao
her- lon
My name is- phom cheu John Doe
What’s your name? kun cheu a rai
May I take a photograph? tai ruup dai mai
Do you speak english? Kun pood pa sa ang kjrit?
Just a little. nid noi
I do not understand. Kow jai mai.
When dining out;
not spicy- mai ped
water- naam
ice- naam kaeng
curry, soup- gaeng
on rice- laad kaao
fried rice- kaao pad
meat- nua
fish- plaa
shrimp- goong
pork- moo
no soup, dry- haeng
noodles- guay dtieow
take away- sai toong
eat here- gin tii nii
how much- tao lai
The bill please- gep taang
In case of an emergency; I need a doctor- chan phom yak pob maw.

Enjoy your visit, Pra thad thai pem pra thad tee wi sead mak. Thailand is a wonderful country. La gon.

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