Special Zippo Lighters as a father’s day gift

The Jack Daniel’s brand is famous for its whiskey, and now the label has been placed on Zippo lighters, for people who want to reflect their favorite drinks. Some of these brand lighters are made as commemorative items, designed to celebrate important events in the manufacturer’s many years of whiskey production. Collectors from all over the world have sought these lighters to install them as a personal part of their anthology.

The brand is quite popular – and it is quite rare to encounter a person who is unfamiliar with the whiskey’s name. Connoisseurs and ordinary drinkers alike recognize the name whenever it is mentioned, just one of the reasons for owning¬†¬† s Zippo brand lighter that bears the celebrated whiskey’s name; it is an article of famed accomplishment.

These lighters were first produced by this Tennessee Whiskey company in the year 2000, to celebrate 150 successful years of producing unique whiskey. The ligher itself is emblazoned with the brand’s logo, containing words that celebrate the 150th birthday of Mr. Jack Daniel’s, on the banner’s ribbon below the logo. These lighters make a practical gift as well, and even those who aren’t used to owning lighters will no doubt take pride in owning one of this brand’s name.

Over sixty different variations of these Jack Daniel’s Zippo lighters have been set on the market after production. Some of them still enjoy a place on the market, while others were discontinued and have now become difficult to find. An example of the latter is a special edition lighter released in the year 2007, when only ten thousand copies of this variation were produced and marketed. During the last few years, limited edition lighters with blue lights was made for this brand as well. So many different designs were created for this lighter, that some people who own them are not even aware of their value. Some of the imprinted designs are simple, and at the same time elegant, while other designs are made with precision and skill to reflect every last detail. Such lighters are a perfect addition to any collector’s showcase, and make perfect gifts for fans of this drink. These are definitely a great father’s day gift

PeteSpecial Zippo Lighters as a father’s day gift