Start Off a New Fish Aquarium on the Right Fin

Aquariums and fish tanks are a wonderful way to add peacefulness, style and tranquility to any décor.  However beginning a successful fish tank can be a tricky project for anyone new to this hobby.  Several steps are to be considered when starting a new aquarium fish tank.  These steps begin with first knowing just what size tank is desired, the type of fish desired, and what equipment will be needed to keep it all running smoothly and successfully.

Deciding the size of the aquarium is the first step. There are numerous styles and sizes on the market these days to suit virtually any personal style.  One thing that is most important when selecting a proper size is that water weighs approximately ten pound per gallon.  So for instance, a ten gallon tank would contain one-hundred pounds of water before adding any other items.  Once gravel is added to the bottom the tank will be considerably heavier. It is also necessary to consider what the fish tank will set upon, as this stand will need to be able to handle the considerable weight.

Next it is important to know what type of fish should live in this new habitat, so as to better understand what other equipment is necessary.  For example salt water fish have entirely different requirements than fresh water tropical fish.  Generally the aquatic newcomer should seek advice from reputable aquatic pet stores, books, or on-line sources, so to better know what will work best for them.  At first it is always best to start with as little as just one fish in a smaller tank, and only two in a larger tank.   Putting too many fish into a tank before an ecosystem has time to develop from the good bacteria in the gravel will only result in numerous dead fish.  Once that tank has been successfully established for a period of time the population can be added to slowly.  This would generally be no more than a few new fish at a time.

PeteStart Off a New Fish Aquarium on the Right Fin