Stay Warm with Heated Car Seat Covers

One of the worst parts of winter is getting up and out of your warm, cozy bed and into the cold, harsh reality of the outside world.  Once you’ve managed to do that, and you’ve gotten dressed and ready to leave the house for work or school, all too often you have the next worst part of dealing with winters… getting into an ice cold car or truck!  They can literally feel like an ice box.  And to be honest, they are often times even colder than your actual icebox in your home!  What a way to start the day.

Sure, today’s cars and trucks have heaters that work relatively quickly, but when you’re really in the deep freeze of winter, it just never happens quickly enough, does it?  Wouldn’t it be great to have a personal heater right beneath you that gets good and toasty right away?  You know all those folks who are spending top dollar for their luxury cars and SUVs have built in seat heaters…  I guess you just have to dream about it, right?

Well, not any more!  Now you can get aftermarket heated seat covers that will work in any car, truck, SUV or even RV.  They are usually not very expensive and come with a plug in cord that is long enough to easily reach your lighter outlet without a problem.  With many models you can control the temperature in a range of about 90 degrees to about 120 degrees.  More than enough to get you comfortably toasty on those chilly mornings, especially because they heat up virtually instantly.

One of the other benefits to this kind of personalized car seat heater is that you can have different temperature zones for you as a driver and for your passenger, if you each have one. For doing some long drives in cold weather with someone who has a very different body thermostat, this can be a HUGE benefit.

PeteStay Warm with Heated Car Seat Covers