Stock tips for all of us

Buy shares online when you are starting your portfolio because online trading gives you more options when you are a novice to the stock market. A good idea before you start at all is to invest in a training program or buy some of the stock market software packages that are available for new entrants. The software allows you get the experience you need without any of the pain of failure and more importantly without any financial hiccups.

Within the online trading community search for the trader who offers the best assistance and maybe the cheapest shares to buy (fees too). Some traders will set a minimum amount that you must deposit to start with but it is worth while seeking out ones that allow you trade in smaller amounts to suit your pocket.

Visit the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) website and spend a lot of time making yourself familiar with how the stock market functions and you might even pick up a few stock tips at the same time. Yahoo Finance is another excellent site to visit with it’s section on education for potential stock investors. Their education center has many articles and good advice and the ‘Learn the Basics of Investing’ is not to be missed.

I am not an advocate of the ‘jump straight in’ brigade as I believe a thorough understanding of the workings of the stock exchange and markets themselves is desirable before investing any money. You should think big but invest small and with time your experience and confidence (and hopefully your wallet) will grow. If you are unfortunate to lose some money don’t become reckless in trying to recoup your losses, as it may lead to disaster. Never, ever, borrow funds to speculate as it’s a sure way to ruination. Make your trading experience an enjoyable, even if not a profitable, one.

PeteStock tips for all of us