Stop Nail Biting Polish Works

Many people have experienced the desire to stop nail biting, only to find themselves lapse back into the habit again and again. Because nail biting is an insidious habit that is acquired gradually and solidified over time, it can be an especially difficult habit to eliminate. By using tools such as stop nail biting polish, you can increase your chances of success and achieve your overall goal.

Polish to stop finger nail biting works by coating the nails in the same way as cosmetic polish does, but without color. As you bite your nail, the nail polish gives off a strong, bitter taste. The unpleasantness you experience when you taste the polish will act as a deterrent to future biting. The benefit of using stop nail biting polish is that it requires very little conscious effort; the effects are achieved by applying the polish over a regular period of time, so that every instance of potential nail biting is thwarted. Eventually, this pattern of refraining from biting will replace the original pattern of biting.

Another benefit of using polish and creams to stop nail biting is that it is inexpensive, can be performed anywhere, and does not require outside help. While many people have tried hypnosis to rid themselves of nail biting, as with other bad habits, nail polish is much less psychologically invasive and affordable.

Even plain cosmetic nail polish can be used to change your habit, for even though it does not produce an offensive taste, the texture of the pain makes you aware when you start biting. This awareness can be used to understand what triggers you to bite your nails better, such as stress, so that you can make a conscious effort to stop biting in the future.

Using stop biting nail polish regularly is one way to eliminate your bad habit with little cost and effort.

PeteStop Nail Biting Polish Works