Straight Talk Cell Phone Options

You may be wondering just what cell phones are available for use on the Straight Talk prepaid plans that you may have seen commercials for or have seen in WalMart or online at the official website.  Straight Talk seems to add phones to its available list quite frequently and one of the nice things you may notice is that you can often find free phones online at the website depending on the current promotion.  It’s always nice to find a good deal like that–for instance at the moment, you can find two free Straight Talk phones at the official ST site (ST is the abbreviation I use for this brand of phone).  This article is meant to serve as an overview of the three best phones from this company.

The top three Straight Talk cell phone options are the Samsung r355C, the Samsung r451c, and the Samsung t404C.  I tend to like the Samsung phones the best and much more than I like the LG phones, which are more basic and tend to be the low end flip style clamshell phones.  Samsung has a better selection of phones under this carrier for some reason.  The r355c model has a full qwerty keypad, a 1.3 megapixel camera (which is just slightly above being “good enough”), and bluetooth functionality.  More importantly, you can access the Internet with this phone, which is shaped very similarly to Blackberry phones, meaning it has an open face and a good sized screen at the top.  With the Straight Talk unlimited plan you can access the web freely and have a great time with this phone in a very good user interface.  A touch screen Straight Talk phone would be even better, but at the moment the two smart phones, Nokia E71 and Nokia 6790, are not available, and the Samsung Finesse was retired gracefully quite over a year ago.  Hopefully, they come back soon!

The Samsung r451C is another good option that you may consider.  It is very similar to the Samsung r355c Straight Talk phone but is a slider phone, meaning it slides open to reveal a full qwerty keypad.  This is a good option for people who like to text message quite a bit.  The t404c is more in the vein of the r451c, but it has a better camera (2.0 megapixels) and and mp3 player.  All of these phones have their strengths and weaknesses so choose wisely as you look at prepaid phones.  By the way, there are several other phones to choose from, these three just happen to be the best ones in my opinion.

PeteStraight Talk Cell Phone Options