Switching to Digital Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking has been one of the most popular past times of all. Each page of a scrapbook album can be radically different or follow a common theme decided by the maker. What is so unique about a scrapbook album is how it combines different elements to come up with a personalised piece of art. These scrapbooking kits can be very simple, cheap materials but when combined, it gives each page a character of its own. In the past, unwanted and scrap materials were used (hence the name) on the album. Nowadays however, there are many craft shops that sell fancy and decorative pieces that are used to embellish the scrapbook.

The trend however seems to have shifted from offline to online. I am referring to the mode of creation. In the past, scrapbooks were created by manually cutting, pasting and combining to create them. Now with the advent of technology, we see the playing field has changed and more people are leaning towards the digital arm of scrapbooking.

Digital scrapbooking presents even wider opportunities and options for a scrapbooker in terms of resources and designs. Most of the scrapbooking software comes with a resource pool with many pictures and designs. there is also the huge bank of resources that scrapbookers can depend on from the internet. Many digital scrapbooking websites have enthusiasts who create templates and layouts as well as resource packs that they readily share online. Upon downloading these materials, the scrapbookers can start working on their design.

Convenience is perhaps one of the most important reasons why people start digital scrapbooking. Whatever is created halfway can be saved and accessed from anywhere. This cuts short the creation time and makes it a hobby that can be brought along anywhere. There is also no more mess and cleaning up associated with doing a traditional scrapbook.

PeteSwitching to Digital Scrapbooking