Synthetic Grass Requires Less Work

Anyone who has had enough of pushing a lawnmower around the yard every weekend might want to consider the possibility of switching from natural grass to synthetic grass. The option of an artificial grass covering will ensure that the yard will look fresh and lush all year round without the more energy sapping tasks to keep it looking that way.

Natural grass that is not continually watered and that does not see much direct sunlight is going to quickly begin to look unsightly with patches of dirt and grass die-off beginning to be noticeable. Synthetic grass of the past looked obviously fake but the newer technology has meant that synthetic grass is looking more real than ever.

It is possible to buy synthetic grass with fibers that are different lengths so that the synthetic grass installation takes on a more natural appearance. Rather than have every blade of grass at the same height, the variance in height will look as though the grass was cut around 3 days before and had been doing a little bit of growing.

Funnily enough, the growing bit is the problem with a real lawn. Grass that grows needs to be cut at some point and with gas powered lawnmowers chewing up our resources it is not an ecologically ideal ground cover anyway. Add to that the watering that is required to keep it looking green and we find ourselves losing valuable resources keeping it looking good.

The problem becomes more pronounced if you decide that you will conserve water and stop watering your lawn. In summer it won’t take lawn to look brown with parts that will start to die off and become patchy. If there is no consistent rain the only option is to water the grass yourself and it is a hard justification to make to pump hundreds of gallons of water straight into the ground.

Synthetic grass requires a little bit of maintenance, it’s true, and it also requires some watering to avoid a build up of dirt and debris. But over the long term, synthetic grass is a surface that makes lower impact on the environment and requires less time and energy to keep it looking resh.

PeteSynthetic Grass Requires Less Work