Teach Dog New Tricks Using Dog Training Books

The book named “101 Dog Tricks” is not the one for you, if you are looking for a reading material that will give you strict guidelines for training your pet. It will not be appropriate if you are going to buy this and yet, all you want to do is train your dog for agility. However, you might find this book useful for teaching your dog new tricks after your done teaching them the basics of obedience.

As a trainer, you need the best dog training book that will aid you during the course of training. A leather dog collar may be needed as an additional tool, if you got a dog that is stubborn and resistant in obeying commands. Teaching a dog with new tricks is fun. It is not as rigid and difficult as doing the agility training. However, training your dog to do tricks should not be taken lightly. Get some helpful tips from training books and make the most out of it. You need to be firm while you do the training. Show consistency to avoid confusion. Use an authoritative voice when giving commands and show your dog that you are the master. Establishing that type of impression with positive reinforcement will yield better results. These things are what a training book is suggesting you to follow.

Things That Training Books Can Offer:
–    basic tips on how to let your dog sit, stay, come and jump
–    funny antics like doggy push-ups, peek-a-boos and play the piano
–    guidelines on how to make dogs do newspaper delivery, carry up a toy and getting use with a leash
–    tips on how to teach dogs to play games like basketball, hide and seek, ring toss and shell game
–    strategies to make your dog perform obstacle courses such as climbing on the ladder and crawling

Introducing your dog with new tricks is really fun. However, you need to aid the teaching by getting a handy training book that will serve as a guide. This will make the teaching less a hassle. These books are well presented with colorful pictures and systematic guidelines on how to teach the tricks positively. Positive reinforcement like giving food and praises are the suggested means that these books have. You can start teaching your dog as soon as you have this book at hand. Trick training is a way of creating a bond between you and your pet. Make it a fun and great learning experience for both of you. Follow the guidelines that dog training books have provided.

PeteTeach Dog New Tricks Using Dog Training Books