The Adaptation Of Door Hanger Bags

The most common place that you used to find plastic door hanger bags was when you stayed in a hotel or a motel. It was a way in which messages and notes were left for the occupants of the room and it was a very effective way to do so because the message could not be missed. In much the same vein these door hangers have been adapted by businesses as a very effective means of advertising and the practise has taken off.

Door hanger bags are a low cost method of getting the word out about your business and also give you the flexibility of choosing one or more of a variety of different marketing ploys. Just because the traditional method of promoting a business is with a flyer that blares your company name, a few services and a phone number doesn’t mean that this is what should go in your plastic hanger bag.

A plastic hanger bag allows you to put a number of different promotional items into the same bag without having to worry about any of them going astray. Promotional items such as pens, fridge magnets or key-rings can be included in the bag along with any literature you choose to add. You may want to include any item of merchandise in the bag, too, as a sample of the quality of your business.

The main point to all of this is the delivery of your plastic bags and their positioning on the door know. It is this factor, regardless of what you include in the actual bag, that gives you the edge over others who simple drop letters in the mailbox. By placing the bag over the door knob residents have no option than to pick up the bag. Because they are usually in the act of entering their premises, the chances are that they will carry that bag inside. Getting the advertising material inside the occupants house can be the most difficult step in the process.

Once your plastic door hanger bag is inside the house you are well on the way towards getting someone to read your marketing copy.

PeteThe Adaptation Of Door Hanger Bags