The Advantages of competition in Gold Shoes

The continuous competition in the shoe industry would be an assurance of the regular changes in the designs of our shoes as the shoe manufacturers would surely embark on their product development programs to progressively come up with new designs every now and then. And it is quite certain that they would be using past designs in the old days and inject new ideas for improvement and the shoes gold design on dress shoes would remained a fixture in their drawing boards because of gold’s popularity and acceptance of the people around the globe to the valuable metal-gold.

Imagine that the shoe industry is now a multi-billion industry and with the present high technology, the production of shoes is being upgraded at a fast pace movement so as to beat their competitors. Every big shoe stakeholders have their own strategic marketing plans how to capture their markets and continue to protect them from being attracted by the other players so that they have formulated pricing strategies that would not only benefit a selected segment of their markets but a general market that expects a down line benefits that would be available to them in terms of lower prices of their gold shoes for wedding. The profitable market for the dress shoes including the gold designed shoes are the men and women sectors of society who normally have the budgets for these type of shoes as they use them daily with their work or occupation. And some ladies would not even settle for a pair of shoes but a couple of them would be found in her closet. The same is true with a professional man who values his shoes as the apparel or suits he wears when going to a business meeting or attending a social function.

All the consumers preferences and demands for shoes has been studied and taken well by the big shoe manufacturers in formulating their marketing strategies so

PeteThe Advantages of competition in Gold Shoes