The Attraction Of The Red Rug

If you were to pick a color for a new floor rug, chances are you will probably pick something neutral, like white, black, brown or beige. Or you may be a bit more colorful and pick blues and greens. That is great, but why don’t you think about getting a red rug instead?

Red rugs conjure the image of something hot and sassy. Not any people are confident enough to pull such a look in their homes. This is such a shame because a red rug can do wonders for a room. The trick to using a red rug is to use is as an accent to other colors. Adding a red rug to a room with red walls and red furniture is a big no-no. Instead, try using a red rug with black, and you will get a classy look that will amaze your guests. If you place a red rug in a room with dark wood furniture, what you get is a warm, cozy and inviting room that puts many people at ease.

Choosing a red rug is simple enough. Besides determining the appropriate size of the rug, you need to decide what shape you want. Instead of opting for the safe and common rectangular rug, why not opt for something different? An oval or round red rug will look great in front of your fireplace. When it comes to the material, you will be spoilt for choice as the red rug can be found in various materials such as acrylic, polypropylene, cotton, shaggy pile and wool. Hand tufted or hand knotted wool can be more expensive but looks much better. However these require more maintenance, so the best option is the acrylic or polypropylene, which require little maintenance.

When it comes to designs, you can choose from many imaginable designs from the Persian inspired to Oriental, to floral, to geometrical. No matter what you decide on, a red rug will be a great thing to have in your home as the red rug can give you a great, warm and inviting atmosphere.

PeteThe Attraction Of The Red Rug