The Beauty of Aquamarine in Jewelry

Both aquamarine and emerald come from the same mineral called beryl. When beryl  contains chromium it will be green and be  called emerald but when it contains iron it  will be  blue or blue/green and  be called aquamarine. The darker  the aquamarine the most valuable it will be, although most of the ones you find on the market will be generally light blue.  According to popular wisdom, aquamarine was said to be able to heal eye disease and to aid concentration and improve intelligence, therefore it would be the ideal present for a student. It is also the  birthstone for people born in March according  to the modern birthstone chart and the gem to be given for the 16th wedding anniversary.

When you buy any valuable stone such as aquamarine you should always follow the well known 4Cs rule and look at carat (size), colour, cut and clarity.   Aquamarine jewelry will look stunning in both gold and silver depending on your skin tone, as you know silver looks better on paler skin tones. You will be able to find any type of jewelry with aquamarine, from necklaces to earrings. You can also have aquamarine engagement rings although probably not as popular as emerald rings but you might see that as a good thing.

We know that a dark aquamarine would be more valuable but you will have to judge the cut on a case by case basis, in fact a good cut will enhance the piece, if you are an expert go to a jeweller with a good reputation. As aquamarine  is a  crystal it must be  nearly transparent and clarity is always a sign of a good gemstone. A well made piece of jewelry should last for many years provided it is looked after properly. Beware when handling any chemicals even some cosmetics and perfumes while you are  wearing your aquamarine jewelry as some substances can really damage it.

PeteThe Beauty of Aquamarine in Jewelry