The Beauty of Futon Mattresses

A futon is different from a typical bed mattress in many ways, and yet similar in one aspect: they are both used for sleeping. Futon mattresses however, have many more advantages over your regular mattress in that they are light weight, versatile, and significantly cheaper for the budget minded shopper. A futon can be made with cotton, foam, inner-springs, polyester, and viscoelastic or a combination of two or more materials. There are other non-traditional materials that can me used  as mattress filling as well such wool. Some people in other cultures would probably describe the futon mattress as a simple bed made from soft cotton. The origin of the word (futon) is from the Japan, which describes their bedding system. The futon mattress is a versatile mattress that can be used as a sleeper by night and a sofa by day. The mattress is available in twin size, full size and queen size settings.

Their are a variety of types of futons which can be purchased according to material, size, and thickness. The most popular thickness variation for the futon mattress is 6 inches, 8 inches, and 9 inches prospectively. The thicker and plusher the foam the more comfort and enjoyment you can expect from your mattress. The futon mattress can also be cheaply purchased which will probably be less padded. The most comfortable supreme futon mattress will probably cost quite a bit more but usually not as much as a bed mattress.

The beauty of having a futon mattress is that it actually can save you quite a bit of money. Not only is it a cheaper option to the typical bed but also if you don’t already have a full size bed frame, you can use your full size futon mattress as a bed at night for resting and your futon sofa during the day for sitting and entertaining. This can be a permanent arrangement or a temporary one, depending on your needs.

PeteThe Beauty of Futon Mattresses