The Benefits of Solar Energy

With fossil fuels being depleted every day, more people are looking for a renewable source of energy to hedge themselves against energy price increases. This has lead many people to turn to solar energy as a means to heat and power their homes, with panels collecting energy from the sun to power homes long after the sun has gone down. But is solar powered energy right for your family?

The benefits you reap from a home solar power system are entirely dependent on your location on the globe and whether or not your roof sees lots of shade. If you are in a wooded or heavily forested area, you will not reap as much benefit from a solar installation as someone who has virtually no shade. That being said, solar technology is getting better and better, with new photovoltaic cells able to convert more of the sun’s energy into usable energy for man. These cells have gotten smaller over the years as well, where as formerly a cell the size of an entire roof could only moderately power a home, panels can be placed that will power the entire home with energy to spare.

Of course, the biggest factor in solar powered energy is the fact that it can be expensive to install. Photovoltaic cells are expensive technology and the batteries that store the converted energy do not run cheap, either. Because of this, you should be ready to spend a pretty penny on any solar lighting system you install in your home, but you can expect to see a return on your investment over a period of years.

Thus, it’s best to only consider installing a solar-energy system for a home you plan on staying in for many years to come. If you feel as though you will move in a few years, it’s probably best to save the money and spend it elsewhere, as these systems can cost upwards of $10k or more.

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