The Best Blue Amber Jewelry

Although the best natural honey colored amber may come from the Baltic Sea region, there is no doubt that the best blue amber jewelry comes from the Dominican Republic.

True Blue

Without requiring artificial enhancements, color treating or heating, blue Dominican amber is a rich blue color. That said, in its raw state it may not look so blue as it does when polished and held up the light. In fact blue amber jewelry may be crafted from stones that are just a bluish hue mixed with green and what may look somewhat similar to turquoise. There are also amber tones that are primarily yellow but have bluish flecks or undertones or a bit of blue spotting or debris. The best amber as a whole will be translucent. Clear blue amber jewelry is the most expensive. For example a pair of translucent blue amber earrings can cost around $500. This would be a very fine, high quality pair of earrings with the best amber.

Shopping for Blue Amber Jewelry Online

If you are hoping to shop online for the best blue amber jewelry from the Dominican Republic, you will find it is very difficult to find jewelers or retailers that sell anything other than the stones. Due to the extremely successful Polish amber marketing campaigns both online and off, when you search for blue amber jewelry, invariably you get results from Polish and Eastern European and even US retailers who offer blue Baltic amber, which frankly is not the best amber because its usually been treated or color enhance. There’s nothing wrong with buying Baltic amber that’s been treated so as long you know, but if you truly have your heart set on the best blue amber jewelry money can buy, I suggest taking a trip to the Dominican or buying loose blue stones from an online merchant in the Dominican and having your jewelry crafted by a jeweler in your home country. That way you can be assured of the best amber in the exact style you want.

Where to Buy the Best Amber to Create your own Blue Amber Jewelry

There are few choice if you aren’t going to go on a buying trip yourself, but the one choice that I recommend is a very good one. There’s a German family who have spent the past 40 years living in Latin America and the past 18 years in the Dominican Republic dedicating themselves to the quest for the best amber. The entire family is involved in the company they formed called AmbarAzul and they offer some of the best amber through their website, as well as a massive amount of information regarding the stones behind blue amber jewelry. Go to the source and buy the best amber from AmberAzul and then custom design your very own blue amber jewelry.

PeteThe Best Blue Amber Jewelry