The elliptical machine – pros and cons

If you want to invest in an exercise machine and you are considering the elliptical cross trainer, but you can’t make your mind up yet, you are in luck. That’s because we will look at the pros and the cons of the elliptical cross trainer. I am all for the eliptical exercise machine (one of my favorite machines), let’s see if it will get your vote!


Here’s why you might say YES to the elliptical

1. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels

The elliptical cross trainer is suited for all ages (as long as you are over 13) and also all fitness levels – as long as you don’t have serious injuries.

2. Dual workout capabilities

With the elliptical cross trainer arms you will save time and you will double your effort as it exercises your upper and lower body at the same time.

3. Low impact

Because of the elliptical motion the cross trainer are a low impact activity.

4. Convenience

Break yup a sweat in the comfort of your own home with the elliptical cross trainer – any day any time.

5. Wise investment

An elliptical cross trainer will last quite a number of years – making it a wise investment.


Here’s why you might say NO to the elliptical

1. Need storage space

If you are short on space, the elliptical might not be the perfect machine for you and you have to opt for a smaller exercise machine.

2. Installation

The installation of the elliptical cross trainer might be a bit difficult and you may even need 2 people to do the job.

3. Lack of use

Most exercise machines ends up becoming covered by dust from lack of use.

4. Family members fighting over use

The other scenario might be that the machine may be favored by all members of the family and this can lead to fighting over the machine.

If you don’t have enough space in your home but you still want to tone your upper and lower body, check out mini steppers – they will give you a rear view to be proud of.

This article has hopefully shed some light on whether you should invest in the elliptical cross trainer of not. I love the elliptical, if you think you will also then you won’t be disappointed. When you do purchase the elliptical cross trainer, just make sure to also invest in a fitness equipment mat to go underneath the cross trainer to lessen the wear and tear.

PeteThe elliptical machine – pros and cons