The Flicker of the Candle Chandelier

Lighting provided by chandeliers adds atmosphere and elegance to any room.  There are so many types and styles to choose from that any room décor can be matched and enhanced by chandelier lighting.  A unique candle chandelier is a great choice for interior design as it is a functional decadent decoration.

Modern candle chandeliers come in two basic types:  those with real burning candles and those with simulated candles.  Many candle chandeliers today do not have real candles, but pieces that look like candles with a bulb providing the light “flame.”  These are still beautiful chandeliers and make your home charming.  The faux candle chandeliers most often cost less than real candle designs because they can be made of less expensive metals.

True candle holder chandeliers come in a wide selection of designs.  They can be made of metals such as bronze or wrought iron.  Perhaps the most beautiful are the ones made of crystal or glass.  Metal chandeliers tend to cost less than glass.  Burning real candles means more maintenance as you will need to take time to clean out wax from the candle holders in order to keep the piece beautiful.

When choosing a candle chandelier you need to consider size and how many arms or branches you would like.  You will want it to fit the size of the room it will hang in.  If it is too large or small it will look out of place.  There are many sizes to choose from, whether you want a large one for a vaulted entryway or a smaller one for a cozy study or den.

Chandelier styles vary from traditional crystal to modern black.  You can find simple graceful chandeliers or those that are fundamentally complex.  Some designs, such as the wagon wheel candle chandelier are fun and used for a specific theme.   Consider the colors in your room and the over all decorating scheme or theme you want.  There are styles to suit your taste whether it be elegant, romantic, cheerful, or anything else you come up with.  You can add color to the chandelier with colored crystals or glass, or even colored candles.

Many options are available to enhance your home with an eye-catching flickering candle chandelier.

PeteThe Flicker of the Candle Chandelier