The Greatest MX5 Accessory: A Hardtop Roof

Have you got the sleekest car in town but don’t have the greatest MX5 Accessory: a hardtop roof? Having the right fantastic accessory for your car gives it character and a smooth look. Acquiring a chrome foot petal is a nice touch and maintaining the cleanliness of the car is also important, but aside from buying your car shampoo, polisher, wheel and glass cleaner, investing on a hard roof would be a wise decision. This is probably one of the most expensive accessories for the MX5 but in the long run will also save you the most money.

The hardtop has many benefits, starting with the installment and removing of the MX5 hardtop roof. It is quite easy; you can do it yourself with an assistance of just one person. It will also give you the benefit of reducing driving noise, especially during the winter months. The hardtop prevents the winter weather getting to the soft top thus it preserves the soft top and extends its life. Some believe that the hardtop is less beneficial to taller drivers but this is actually wrong because there is increased headroom thus it is suitable for all heights of driver. It also has a large wraparound rear windscreen at the back, so looking over the shoulder means it is easy to see the blind spot thus it increases safety when pulling on and off the slip lanes.

Do consider that when you have the greatest MX5 accessory: a hardtop roof, you should care for it too. A cover for the hardtop should be on your shopping list. It will give the top a safe place when you don’t need it and it will give you peace of mind too. Store it in a safe place because most of the damage to the hardtop happens when it is not in use.

PeteThe Greatest MX5 Accessory: A Hardtop Roof