The History of Eyewear

The history of eyewear is truly amazing to think about. It was around 1000AD that the first eyewear type of device was created to magnify letters. They called that device a reading stone and this reading stone had a spherical shape to it. Hundreds of years after, around 1284 AD, an Italian inventor invented the first eyeglass that could be worn. And that inventors name is Salvino D’Arnate (Remember that name since that name is one of the most important bits of information when it comes to the history of eyewear)


In the 1700’s, eyeglass designer James Ayscough introduced the first pair of sunglasses. The lenses were tinted combined with un-tinted ones. Although the first pair was made around this time it was not quite popular for fashion wear but was used more in terms of treating ocular problems.


Although the first pair of sunglasses was made in the 1700’s it reached popularity in the 1900’s.Another fun fact that you can add to your knowledge of the history of eyewear is that some people believed sunglasses became popular due to soldiers and pilots wearing them. At first is was not exactly used to look cool but it so happened that the word cool stuck with sunglasses and so everyone had to own one (due in part to the soldier wearing them). It was also around this time that polarized glasses were made.

Modern glasses

Right now modern glasses are the best ones yet. You have tons of different glasses to choose from. The frames are also made from different kinds of materials which make it more versatile than ever. Through out the history of eyewear there has never been a time like the present when plastic frames shined the most. In the past, people used to think that plastics are flimsy materials. But that’s not the case anymore; there are already plastics that are almost as durable as metal. In addition, plastics are much more flexible which makes it a popular choice.

Truly, the history of eyewear has seen a lot of changes throughout the years and it has been for the better. And now that you already know the history of eyewear it’s time I give you a few points when it comes to choosing the right kind of eyewear. Listed below are some points you can consider:

  • Always consider the face of your shape when choosing spectacles. Its always better to have ones that aren’t to tight on your temples. If they are tight then that means you need to look for another one. Also, make sure they are not too loose either. You wouldn’t want your glasses wiggling in all directions just because you’re walking faster than usual.
  • Make sure that you choose the kind of style that represents your personality. People usually judge you on how you look so it would be a good idea to choose a design that shows a part of who you are. If you’re bad ass then go for black shades. If you’re the more cerebral kind of person then rimless glasses would work best for you.

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