The History of High Heels and Seduction

High heels and seduction have always been linked together.   This phenomenon is due to how the media has always portrayed heels.  Heels have been around since the Middle Ages in England when France’s King Louis XIV wore high heels to promote his small stature.  He also declared that only nobility could wear heels.  Now this did not lead to the seduction concept that is now more commonly associated with heels, nor do men still consider them fashionable anymore as they did in that time period.

Heels began being associated with seduction again during the 1920’s when fashion of the day encouraged high hemlines and shoes that would help show off a woman’s legs.  During the two World Wars heels maintained some height even though the luxury disappeared from the shoe awhile longer.  After the wars in the 1950’s heels began showing up again with the advent of pin up girls.  Many of their pictures featured them in heels and added once again to high heels and seduction being paired together.  The 1960’s led to the first ever cheap high heels as boots and many women wanted boots and a heel to show off the latest fashion trend of a mini skirt.

During the 1970’s the heel went out of fashion again with the hippie and feminist movements.  We would not see its acceptance again until the 1980’s when women began wanting sexy shoes again.  This led to many of the styles that we still regularly see today in fashion.  In today’s world the heel is still associated with seduction, but not by any means is it the taboo that it was in the 1920’s or 1950’s.  Women who wear them are no longer considered to be seductresses or temptresses, but are instead viewed in a normal and even professional manner.  Heels are still worn for seduction, but today they are considered a regular part of fashion and will not earn you the second glance that they did many women in earlier times.

PeteThe History of High Heels and Seduction