The Karaoke Date

If you’re bored with the regular places to take a date, think about trying out your local karaoke bar. Before you laugh off the suggestion as a joke, you should put aside any preconceived notions about karaoke that you may have. If all you know about karaoke is what you’ve seen in TV and movies, you just might have to pay a visit to a modern karaoke room to see how things have changed. Many rooms and bars today rival the atmosphere of the best night clubs as many people take singing in public very seriously. You can also find many high-end establishments that offer dinner packages and dancing if you want to stay away from the drunken karaoke crowd.

Going to a singing room can be quite expensive so be prepared to spend some money on drinks, snacks, and even a possible cover charge. For this reason you should take a night of karaoke very seriously because you want to get your full money’s worth. If you are going just to watch or see what it’s like, consider scouting out a location on a weekday first. If you like what you see, then make a reservation for a weekend date because you don’t want to end up waiting in line. The way you dress will depend on the particular bar, but it never hurts to get decked out for a night on the town.

The rules of karaoke fun are simple, and designed so that everyone can have the best time possible. So that means being polite and clapping or cheering for every singer that goes up. You should always pay attention to what’s happening on the stage, and really support the singers if they do a good job. If you want to sing yourself, then make sure to choose a good song and put your name on the list to sing. It’s important to be patient because not every gets to use the karaoke machine right away. The most important thing is to just have fun and soak in all the musical atmosphere. There really is nothing comparable that allows you to enjoy the company of so many people, so think about karaoke as your next fun dating hot spot.

PeteThe Karaoke Date