The Magic Movie Films Popularity

Films on magic have become popular and mainstream over the last couple of decades. Lately it’s been a freight train of magic, lore and fantasy. Magic in films has slowly gained in popularity and now seems to be unstoppable.

In 1996 The Craft was based around four teenage witches. This was one of the first movies that seemed to focus on witchcraft. Magic was performed throughout the movie but ended with the magic making the girl’s almost insane. The effects were not as pronounced as they are today but the sentiment was still the same. Another example of this is the magicmovie Practical Magic which focuses around two sisters who are witches and how they live their lives. Again the effects are nominal but the subject matter is fascinating and gives insight to witchcraft and magic.

movies with magic in them got a huge boost when the Harry Potter series turned into movies. Effects and CGI were used heavily in these movies, they had to be. Magic and wizardry are the main themes in the Harry Potter films and has opened the doors to many more films on magic. The Golden Compass, Pan’s Labyrinth, Chronicles of Narnia and let’s not forget the Lord of the Rings series which did huge in theaters and created a cult following. These are just some examples of the films that are based around magic.

Magic used to be taboo it seems but has steadily become mainstream and welcome. You can bet where there is a film about magic there is a huge audience waiting to see and with technology these movies are nothing short of amazing and mind boggling. Some effects would make the audience gasp in their chairs and wait with baited breath for the DVD’s. If it was not for Harry Potter, some of these movies would not even be in existence. Harry Potter seems to have opened a huge door and the movies continue to flow.

Magic in films are fun, adventurous and a nice escape. With today’s technology they have the ability to ensnare the senses and make the audience wanting more. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for movies such as these.

PeteThe Magic Movie Films Popularity