The natural method to rid yourself of cellulite

The “patient” that wants to get rid of cellulite will take a tincture of juniper, 15 drops 3-5 times a day. But beware! You will not reduce water consumption, but rather you will increase the daily dose to 6 – 8 pints of distilled water.

The consumption of distilled water is very necessary, replacing any other beverage. The diet will insist on the consumption of seaweed and seafood, sea shellfish and fresh water shellfish. Small red beans and have to become a daily food – it is an extremely powerful diuretic – and do not avoid lamb or mutton kidneys, more spicy. Here are some very useful recipes:

– Clean the chicken well inside and insert 2 oz red beans, cook on low heat, as you would a soup. You can add other classical ingredients. You will eat both the juice and the chicken soup with beans. It is actually delicious.

– Boil 4.5 oz of chickpeas with 2 oz pig liver and a spoon full of rice. Leave the water level drop, until you obtain a kind of stew, with all the necessary ingredients. It is a portion for lunch.

– Boil 3.5 ounces of winter squash rind until syrup is obtained. You will drink syrup every night before bed.

– Winter squash soup – obtained from 3.5 oz of zucchini cooked on a very small fire – it can be very useful.

– Bake a winter squash in oven until it darkens in color and eat 1 ounce 2 times a day.

These recipes are not designed only to get rid of cellulite they can be successfully applied in any quick weight loss diet for they are light and when they are combined with exercise and a healthy life style the results will not be late to appear. You will lose lots of weight really fast. But you will still have to change your habits if you want to keep the weight off.

PeteThe natural method to rid yourself of cellulite