The New Cricut Cake Machine

Provocraft has created a new experience for cake decorating with the Cricut Cake Machine. Anyone can now create phenomenal designs that in the past only professionals could. The machine works simply, starting with the consumer rolling out a flat section of gum paste. This is attached to a cutting mat and is put into the machine. Once the desired image is chosen, the machine outlines it and cuts it out. You then remove the outer sections to find your unique accent left behind. This can then be easily laid onto the cake’s surface.

This machine can be used in conjunction with the Cricut Cake Basics Cartridge, which features a variety of images, words, fonts and design patterns to choose from. You can also use any Cricut cartridge with this machine to make any variety of theme that your imagination can come up with. The designs can be layered on top of one another to give them depth, and in the color you need to match your cake. Themes from comic book heroes to nature can be added for enjoyment. The only limitations that you have is your own imagination.

The Cricut Cake Machine is a worthy investment for anyone who wants to do their own cakes. You will no longer have to spend a large amount of money for birthdays or other events. You can cook your own cake and then decorate it as you choose. The cartridge is not sold separately, but is packaged with the machine itself in a bundle. Professionals can also benefit from using this machine. It can take a large amount of time to decorate a cake, but the machine cuts this down into minutes. Any crafter will eagerly await the chance to get to try this new creative machine for their own personal projects.

PeteThe New Cricut Cake Machine