The Robust and Effective Petrol Lawnmower

Petrol lawnmowers are the choice of nearly all professional gardeners because of their advantages over electric lawnmowers. One of the main advantages of a petrol lawnmower is you can use the lawn mower in the wet, whereas electric mowers do not like the wet. Due to electric lawnmowers having to be plugged in they are limited to a certain length, as the length of the cable or extension lead limits the distance from the mains socket, whereas petrol lawnmowers do not have to worry about this.

Petrol lawnmowers are more robust than electric lawnmowers, a petrol mower is made up from mainly metal and is very hard wearing, electric lawnmowers are mainly made of plastic , so are more easily damaged. A petrol lawnmower does not have a mains cable which is easy to run over when mowing, so making it very dangerous and gives the risk of electric shocks if the electric cable is cut. Another advantage of a petrol lawnmower is they are normally a lot more powerful than an electric mower, so they can cut longer grass than an electric model.

Petrol lawnmowers come in all sorts of sizes from a small mower suitable for small gardens, to a sit and ride lawn mower for large areas. Their are lots of different petrol mowers available today such as the traditional cylinder mower suitable for close cutting and striping effects; petrol hover mowers suitable for banks, paths, rough and uneven areas. Petrol field and brush lawnmowers are ideal for clearing overgrowth in fields, around border areas and in woodlands. Rear roller rotary lawnmowers which will produce a striped effect and cut right to the edge of your lawn; petrol four wheeled rotary lawnmowers which are suitable for all types and sizes of lawns – included in this category is the sit and ride petrol mower which is suitable for large lawns.

Some of the above types of petrol lawn mowers are also available in different types such as the four wheeled rotary petrol lawnmower. You can have either a push version where you are required to push the lawnmower around the garden or you can get a self-propelled version which uses the engine to move the mower around but still requiring you to direct and control it. Another thing to consider when buying a petrol lawn mower is the cutting width of the lawn mower, depending on how wide it is will make a difference on how many times you will have to propel it up and down your garden, or if striping how wide the stripes are.

PeteThe Robust and Effective Petrol Lawnmower