The Scoop on Curtains from the Waverly Company

Curtains create depth in any room they are placed, primarily because they add color where you would not expect to see it. They are not all for looks, either. Curtains can completely replace or supplement conventional blinds. For superb style, take a look at Waverly, one of the primary curtain manufacturers. Waverly listens to their customers and as such has developed a variety of intriguing curtains that can suit any taste. Curtains for indoor windows are designed from Waverly fabric that people can buy raw. Bought in yard length segments, Waverly fabrics are used by people to craft not only curtains but upholstered chairs and such.

Not skilled with the sewing machine? Not to worry- Waverly makes pre made curtains that are ready to be installed right out of the plastic package. Buying the Waverly curtains in person has an advantage over internet purchasing because you can see the fabric color up close. The product is stored in clear plastic packages which show the curtain color prominently. The packs come with a minimum of two curtain panels, of which will cover a single panel. If additional windows need covering, multi-packs are available. Waverly also makes valances in the same colors.

The fabric from Waverly is unique in that it is weighted for upholstery use. That means that it is durable enough to be put on furniture. For best functionality, select curtains with rod pockets. The rod pocket style is smooth to slide and stays completely open. If you choose the single pocket, you will need to use string to hold the curtain open. Outdoor grade fabrics differ from window ones in that they are made entirely of polyester. Fabrics like these are used to make outdoor shades for the patio. A couple window and door shades can help reduce temperatures inside the house. The same fabric used for curtains may be embroidered onto the padding of chairs like swivel kitchen chairs or love seats.

PeteThe Scoop on Curtains from the Waverly Company