The Tamil Actresses

An essential to today’s Tamil film industry is lovely actresses. There are countless websites dedicated to each Tamil actress and her exceptional beauty. While each actress must be beautiful, talent is also a necessity. Any woman hoping to become a Kollywood star will have some pretty tough competition. Be it Asin or Minissha Lamba, every female Tamil movie star is both stunningly beautiful and an expert at her craft.

But with beauty comes stress. Anyone keeping up in the news involving Tamil actresses will notice an alarming occurrence. These women are being stalked and harassed on a daily basis. While the Tamil movie industry focuses on the beauty and appeal of these women, the harassment and endangerment of the actresses was not realized until lately. Recently, Minissha Lamba, a Tamil actress whose beauty has been skyrocketing her to stardom, has filed police complaints against a serial stalker who has harassed numerous Tamil film actresses. The stalker has a tendency to be crude and abusive when the woman does not keep in contact with him.

It is unfortunate that this is not rare at all, but it is also unsurprising. Each actress poses in countless photo shoots for each single Tamil movie that they star in, which causes their beauty to be broadcasted across the Tamil film industry as well as the internet on a daily basis. Tamil movie actresses are gorgeous and skilled as a rule when they enter the Tamil film industry. They are also strong and resilient against attack, as their wealth and beauty can attract such stalkers as the one who harassed Minissha Lamba and countless other Tamil movie stars in the past.

Let’s hope that these stars do not end up with some of the tragic Hollywood stories and tragic end that many American stars have faced, it would a true tragedy if Kollywood followed Hollywood too closely.

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