The top 5 benefits of an Aero Pilates cardio workout

One of the main things that sets the Aero Pilates machine aside from the rest are its cardio rebounder. This cardio rebounder makes cardio exercise possible, it also holds in numerous other benefits. Having a look at these benefits can help you to decide whether you should invest in a Aero Pilates machine or not.

Let’s have a look at those benefits of an Aero Pilates cardio workout now, and see how you too can benefit from it:

  • Improves cardiovascular fitness – The cardio rebounder will help you to¬† significantly get fitter and fitter with each workout. It will also ensure you a stronger heart and healthier lungs.
  • Increases circulation – Bouncing on the cardio rebounder will improve your circulation and can reduce the soreness you have after a workout. It may also even help to reduce your cellulite.
  • Burn more calories – The cardio rebounder will help you to burn much more calories than without it. And it can lead to you losing more weight (if you don’t consume more calories than you burn).
  • Tones legs – Your legs will get a great workout from bouncing on the cardio rebounder. It is almost the same than running on a treadmill – just without the high impact.
  • Low impact cardio – The cardio is mainly low impact and will be gentle on your joints and knees. You can also use it if you have mild joint related problems.

As you can see the cardio rebounder of the Aero Pilates machine has many benefits. Another one of them is that you will lose weight faster than before, if you don’t consume too much calories.

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PeteThe top 5 benefits of an Aero Pilates cardio workout