The Truth About Jump Programs

It’s time for you to learn the truth about jump programs so you can spot obvious scams from actual products that might help you learn how to jump higher.

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First off, you need to think clearly. Sure, you want to believe the possibility of being able to add 10 inches to your vertical or to be able to double your vertical leap. But keep your head on straight and think with your brain while checking out jump program sites. First, look at the pictures that they provide on their sites. Are they fake? If you think for even 1 second that they might be fake, they are! There are a few that use very fake pictures to try to pump you up. But if they lie by putting up fake pictures they will lie to you and take your money through their scam product.

Is there someone tooting their own horn way too much? The common example of this is Luke Lowrey. He says he is an expert, but he is another scam and just talking himself up. He is no different than any other scam on the internet. He is actually one of the biggest scam in the Jump Higher niche. So stay away from any product that he is associated with. He loves to talk himself up, but any kid can talk themselves up on the internet. You should never pay more than $75 bucks for a program. I have heard of some sites charging over $200 dollars for a jump higher program! That is way too much. They are taking your money and there is no way that everyone can double their vertical leap. You have to be able to trust the creator of a program and some if someone has to tell you how popular they are, it means that they are a nobody.

PeteThe Truth About Jump Programs