The Use Of Tanning Accelerator Lotions

Many people are anxious to acquire a tan as the summer season approaches. Most people concentrate on this as soon as the warm spring days begin. For many years people used baby oil to get a tan. The baby oil was applied to the body, followed by direct exposure to the sun. In addition to this, crescent shapes were made and covered in foil to be held under the chin to heighten the sun’s effect. This method of tanning increased the risk of skin cancer.

Many different products were introduced to reduce the effects of the sun. There were sun tan lotions and lotions to protect the body. Now, many people use a tan accelerator lotion. There are many types and brands available. Tanning accelerator lotions that are used with the sun are approved by the FDA. The sunless tanning accelerator lotions are not FDA approved. A tanning accelerator lotion’s main ingredient is broken down sugar cane. When applied to the body, it only brings the tanning effect to the top layer of the skin. The tanning accelerator lotion contains amino acids which help to bring out melanin. Melanin is the name for the dark pigment of the skin.

Accelerators provide water to the skin which draws more of the sun’s rays. They have ingredients to protect the skin against the harmful rays. A tanning acelerator lotion, depending on the manufacturer, contains vitamins and comes in an assortment of fragrances. They are also available in many different price ranges.

When searching for a tan accelerator lotion there are some considerations to keep in mind. One wants to purchase one that is affordable, but not overly cheap. The consumer should know the manufacturer’s name and reptutation. It is always wise to read the label to detemine how quickly the tan will appear. A further search should be made of reviews for the product. Also, it is wise to check to see if there are any known side effects.

It is easy to find a accelerator tanning lotion on line or in stores. Discount stores and department stores all carry tanning accelerator lotions. There are numerous advertisements for them. However, before purchasing a tanning accelerator lotion, it is best to check into the product to make sure that it is the proper product for you.

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