The Versatile Pink Area Rug and More Accessories

Some people believe that a touch of one thing in every room is the perfect decorating advice. Perhaps it is a touch of metal in every room, or animal print. For a fun, whimsical theme in each room, go with pink.

A pink area rug will be a great accessory in more than just the bathroom. Of course, it would always be at home in a bathroom, and not just a child’s. It can work in an adult bathroom of pinks and browns, or one of pure white. It can also work in a kitchen in front of the sink, or even in a hallway. If the color is a subtle shade of pink, it could be in a larger room, like a family room. There are so many nice, soft shades of pink that an area rug of a light or muted shade or a deeper one similar to red would be a nice touch in a larger room.

Do not forget other pink accessories while decorating. Pink window treatments would either complement the pink area rug or else be the pink in a room. Think outside a  little girl’s room and imagine soft shades in a dining room or living room for a feminine, but sophisticated look. The more red the pink has in it, the easier it will be to complement an adult room.

Other pink accessories can range from picture frames to artwork itself. A fun throw pillow can be the pink statement in a room without being as overly assertive as a rug or window treatment may be. Lampshades can be nice accessories and there are some with embellishments or pretty patterns, like deep pink, red and yellow toile.

A homeowner just needs to use the colors that they find pleasing, coordinate them together, and a nice look will come together, perhaps with pink as the star.

PeteThe Versatile Pink Area Rug and More Accessories