The Zen of Golf

Golf tips presented by Golf Charlotte.

You really have to slow down to learn the game of golf. The modern world is full of do it now, fast action expectations. Golf requires you to slow down and do things in order with timing designed around reality not your fantasy speed.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and golf won’t be either. This game is a lifetime endeavor. One with which your constant improvement will mark  milestones as the years go by.

Golf is a process  and the mastery of this game is one of understanding, patience and wisdom.

Three tips —

  • your head should stay still,
  • keep the club in a straight line when in contact with the ball,
  • and relax — use your muscles with the kind of control that allows you to consciously relax.

Head First

Your head just has to stay still. You will notice a definite negative in your game in direct proportion to the movement of your head during your swing.

Club to Ball

Maintaining the surface of your club head against the ball in a straight line is one of the fundamentals that will improve your game.


The kind of muscle relaxation that you need to employ is nothing short of being a yoga master. Seriously, this can have a major effect on your game and the quicker you learn to control your muscle tension the quicker your game will improve. No need to change your arms, that’s not where your power is coming from. The muscles that give your body its twists during the swing are your power muscles.

Anytime you notice a negative change in your game, go back and  examine these three areas. Something this simple can be denied for years and often is. Many people search for a hard answer but these three items, if taken care of with regular attention, can make a vast improvement in your game. Seems we often don’t remember the simple things, and that’s why I wrote this article.

Charlotte golf presents golf tips so you game can enjoy the process.

PeteThe Zen of Golf