Think Before You Get An Eyebrow Tattoo

Getting an eyebrow tattoo has become surprisingly popular in the West over the last few years after being so common in Asia for a long time. It seems that more of us are drawn to the fact that we can all but forget about eyebrow care for the rest of our lives and consider the small risk that we will get something we don’t like to be worth taking. If you want to get it done yourself then it makes sense to educate yourself about the procedure so that you are fully aware of what it entails and what can go wrong.

What is An Eyebrow Tattoo?

The medical name for eyebrow tattooing is intra dermal micro pigmentation, and is the process of using pigments, inks and dye to mark your skin permanently in the same manner as a normal tattoo. The reason that many of us get extra squeamish is that these are being put on our face for the whole world to see. A tattoo gun is used which makes use of needles to draw the color under the skin with ink-filled needles.

If the permanent nature of them scares you a little too much then you can also get semi-permanent tattoos which draw ink on the top layer of your skin rather than the second layer.

If you have decided you want to get the eyebrow tattoo procedure carried out then the most important decision you can make is to use an experienced artist how is known for being hygienic. If you just do this then there is very little chance of anything going wrong, and even if it does it can usually be remedied.

Why Get Permanent Makeup

One of the most common reasons for getting an eyebrow tattoo is that your natural eyebrow is very light in color but there are other reasons. It could be that you want to do away with the hassle of trying to look perfect every morning before leaving the house. Whatever your reason you should think carefully before you take the plunge to ensure its what you really want.

PeteThink Before You Get An Eyebrow Tattoo