Time to Repair or Replace your Air Conditioning in Grand Prairie TX

The city of Grand Prairie, Texas had a hard time actually getting started, when the founder Alexander Dechman was unable to establish his home there in 1863, and moved back to his family home.  He finally filed a town plat in 1867, and then he traded some of his land to the railroad to bring it to his town.  The town name was changed to Deckman when the post office was unable to correctly read his application; further confusion ensued when a letter from the railroad described the area as a grand prairie, and so the name was changed one final time.

Grand Prairie is a suburb of both Dallas and Ft. Worth with a population of 153,812.  The average winter temperatures are in the forties with the coldest month being January with an average of 34 degrees.  It really starts heating up in April, with temperatures in the seventies, May, they climb to the eighties and June through August, they are in the nineties, so you definitely want to make sure your air conditioner is working in top notch order before May, or at the latest, June.

Luckily, there are a lot of people who repair or replace air conditioning Grand Prairie, TX.  You can tell they are used to emergency calls when their ads read they will be there within two hours.  At these temperatures, air conditioning is not a luxury; it is a necessity, as much as your heating is during the winter months.

You really have to wonder how the people survived the heat, back in 1867 when the town was finally taking hold.  We are most fortunate to live in an era that has air conditioning to combat the extreme heat.  Of course, the people that live there are acclimatized to most of it, but Grand Prairie, like most of the cities, also relies on a tourist trade, and people coming from other parts of the country would not last long in that heat.  So, with summer starting to heat up, maybe we should all thank the air conditioner repairman.

PeteTime to Repair or Replace your Air Conditioning in Grand Prairie TX