Tiny Bubbles in Your Mail

There are times when you receive mail and find that the content is wrinkled and a bit distorted. Probably because it got wet, it got bent, or it simply wore out due to the ruggedness of its transit. Some people would put a cardboard inside the envelope to support it and prevent it from being folded, but it doesn’t prevent folds and wrinkles caused by pressure on top of it, like if it accidentally got sat on, or if it got banged on a surface.

Luckily, bubble mailers were invented. They are tough envelopes that come in different sizes, plus it provides a special kind of protective cushioning. The cushioning is all thanks to the tiny plastic bubbles that are lined on the inside of the envelope. They hold the content in place, protect it from pressure, and even protect it from possible tears. The outer part of the envelope is already thick, but it is made even thicker by the plastic lining inside that also holds the tiny bubbles.

Some are made of plastic while some resemble manila envelopes, but either one can be considered waterproof since it is lined with plastic inside, so it is sure to keep the content dry even if the envelope breaks, which is not even likely to happen. Shipping labels can be posted on the bubble mailer to secure that your mail will reach its destination, and it is also not a problem to write on it if you wish.

Bubble mailers are cheap and you can even order them online for much less. It is not limited to documents, you may also use this to send books, CDs, DVDs, framed photos, accessories, or whatever you wish that of course could fit in it. It will easily replace your regular envelope and box for mailing or shipping because it gets the work done for less. After you try it, you’re sure to want those tiny bubbles in all your mail.

PeteTiny Bubbles in Your Mail