Tips For Choosing a Trailer Tent

For people who love the outdoors, a trailer tent is a must have. Owning this type of tent is perfect for people who love going on camping or fishing trips but want to stay comfortable. They have awnings that allow provision for tents to be expanded. They are bigger compared to the regular tents and are smaller compared to the full size camper. Nevertheless, they are functional and convenient to transport and install. When choosing a tent, there are factors that you need to consider so that you will be able to maximize not only your purchase but the overall camping experience.


Depending on the model, most of these tents are equipped with basic features just like the regular campers. Basic trailer tents are somewhat cheaper compared to those that have added features. Some of the most basic features are as follows:

Kitchens – new models are already equipped with kitchens complete with burner stoves, sinks, countertops and even refrigerators. This is especially helpful for families who do not want to build a fire to cook their food. It makes the food preparation an easy process so you still enjoy the comfort of a good, home cooked meal even when you are camping outdoors. The more expensive models have bathrooms, adding more convenience to the experience.

Awnings – awnings are a great addition to the tent because it can extend the size of the trailer two or three times bigger than the usual size. They are usually waterproof so you do not have to worry about getting soaked in the rain. You can also enjoy your meals outdoor without worrying about insects and mosquitoes because they provide mosquito free areas.

Beds – both the basic and the more expensive models have at least one or two beds that sit off the ground. This feature allows for better and comfortable sleep. Most tents also have enough space in the awning where more people can sleep using their sleeping bags. The more expensive trailers have bunk beds that provide more space and functionality. If you want to be more comfortable and spend time in the outdoors in luxury, you can invest in trailers that have extra rooms, air conditioning system, bike and boat mount and sometimes a furnace to keep the trailer warm if you are camping during the cold season.

These trailer tents may be costly compared to the regular tents; however, they are a good investment. If you do not want to spend so much but still want to enjoy the comfort and luxury, you can purchase second hand or used trailer tents. The best place to find them is through garage sales. There are also camping supply stores that sell them and if you look them up online, you will be able to find hundreds of online stores selling used but still functional trailers. When you decide to buy a used model, be sure to inspect all areas to make sure that it is still functioning well and it does not have any defects that are irreparable. They may initially cost less but you might end up spending more in repairs and maintenance.

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