Tips on Picking Chair Pads

Chair pads are great for adding accents to your existing home design. For those who are crafty, you have the option of making your own chair pad from materials of your choice. You can also buy something ready-made from the shops. Alternately, you can find something from the department store that you can improve upon for that unique style.

Using the right chair pads can go a long way in terms of giving your furniture more character. Applied correctly, and you end up with a winning design for a cheap price. Dark oak chairs would stand out with intricate, Oriental-inspired, chair pads with dominant reddish hues. Cherry wood furniture can look even cozier with earth-toned seat cushions. Plain rattan furniture can get that fresh, by the beach look with plain white canvas pads. Olive green chairs a la Van Gogh would look resplendently cheery with striking orange designs.

Create a mood board of the kind of look you want for your living area. Do you want to follow a navy theme, or would you be happy with a country motif? Are you looking for something artistic, with a bold burst of colors, or would you prefer something laid-back and traditional?

Include colors and fabric that you think go well together. Refer to color swatches for guidance. Finally, look at your current set of furniture and compare them to the fabric patterns you have highlighted in your board. Is there are visual harmony? Does it achieve the effect that you want?

Mix and match your chair pads. Do not be afraid to experiment. As with most creative pursuits, it is a process of trial and error. However, it is the best way to find a keeper. By exploring the potential of a certain design, you just might discover something new and amazing.

PeteTips on Picking Chair Pads