Tips On Using A Table Runner

One simple way to add a touch of flair to your home decor is to use a table runner. Whether you place it on a table, on a sideboard, or on another piece of furniture a table runner is a great accent. You can buy or make your own runners. They are very easy to make and inexpensive to buy.

Materials for table runners will of course include all forms of fabrics, linens, lace, woven materials, but they will also include organic matter like bamboo, or even sometimes wood. Cork has been used, and paper can also be effective. When choosing the material for your runner think about first the overall style of the room and secondly the occasion. What is appropriate for a birthday party might not be for an engagement reception, or for an everyday family gathering. Colors for table runners are absolutely unlimited.

Because of the low cost of making or buying table runners it is recommended that you buy several in different styles and colors to have handy when needed.

You can use a table runner in a way that it extends past the ends of the table and drops down, or if you have a long table and a shorter runner, it does not have to hang on the sides. It can be used as the centerpiece for the table and all you have to do for a simple yet elegant decor is to add a plant, a flower vase, or some candles.

You can place it directly on the table, with wood showing on both sides, or you can use a tablecloth to set it up. Both styles are effective but provide a very different look. When using a tablecloth underneath it often works better to add contrast, either by the choice of colors or the choice of patterns. For example if your tablecloth is white, or another solid color, you can use a pattern on the runner, or vice versa. However it can be very tricky to use pattern on pattern, and that should only be done with careful consideration.

PeteTips On Using A Table Runner