Tips on Wearing Fashionable Ankle Boots

Fashion today has become very unique and daring, and that includes, or most especially, when it comes to those oh-so fashionable ankle boots. Ankle boots were already in fashion during the 1980’s, but now has transformed into even more interesting and definitely fabulous designs. Celebrities in particular have gone gaga over the style, pairing them with different outfits to different events.

But unlike other boot styles, ankle boots are not suitable for all women. They only look great with certain body types and particular outfits. You have to be especially careful in choosing your clothes when wearing ankle boots because it has the tendency to make your legs look shorter and give you an overall frumpy look. You have to be meticulous in choosing clothes that will flatter your body and your whole ensemble when wearing this particular style. Here are a few tips to wearing fashionable ankle boots successfully.

  1. Skinny jeans and tights. This is the most flattering look when sporting ankle boots. Skinny jeans and tights create a slimming and elongating effect to a woman’s legs. Moreover, this hot trend is versatile enough to go well with almost all kinds of footwear whether it be pumps, flats, boots and stilettos. If you are a petite girl, avoid low-rise or low-waist skinny jeans as this will make you look even smaller or shorter. Choose a pair that fits right to your waist, crotch and all the way down to your ankles to make your legs look longer. Pairing it with the right kind of fashionable ankle boots makes your legs look even longer. The same goes for tights. Tights are also versatile enough to add spunk to certain dresses and skirts.
  2. Skirts and dresses. Make sure your skirt or dress is about three inches above the knees to look great with your ankle boots. Certain knee-length skirts and dresses also go well with the delicate style. If you’re a little on the short side, pick the short skirt or dress to create the image of a taller physique. You can still wear a knee-length skirt or dress but make sure it’s body-hugging to make you look sexy and in fact taller.
  3. Mini shorts. Mini shorts look especially chic and trendy with equally fashionable ankle boots. Mini shorts create a rather casual look, but pairing it with glamorous biker boots or high-heel ankle boots adds a spark of interest and even elegance to your outfit that makes it suitable for more formal occasions.

You can play with different outfits when wearing ankle boots. All it takes is a daring and confident sense of style to stay glamorously chic in your fashionable ankle boots.

PeteTips on Wearing Fashionable Ankle Boots