Titanium Wedding Sets for Him and Her

Modern and classic titanium wedding sets for him and her are available for a lot less than you might imagine. Places like the Titanium Workshop specialize in creating unusual titanium rings for the ladies that have a bit of sparkle and similar bands for men that may be less sparkly but of equally high quality.

Why Choose Titanium Wedding Sets

Titanium offers a range of his and her bands that other metals do not, like colored, or anodized, designs, tension settings and amazing inlays and engravings that will not wear or be altered with time. Titanium is the best choice for both the lady and the gent to have matching rings in the same metal and color and style without risk of one person having an allergic reaction. Titanium is hypoallergenic and therefore anyone can wear it, even very sensitive skin types will have no averse reaction. For men and women who want to wear their wedding sets everyday and not remove them even when swimming or working with cleaning products then titanium rings will be the best choice hands down.

Titanium Rings versus Platinum

Places like Titanium Era offer so many choices for wedding sets with diamonds or inlays and sleek modern polished bands as well that you can’t afford to not consider this metal, since it’s more affordable than platinum and more durable than gold. When you buy wedding bands and engagement rings and sets that match for your wedding day you want the best quality for the amount of money you’ll spend. That is what titanium offers. For example, you’d be hard pressed to find a diamond engagement ring alone, not a set, but a single ring for under $1,000, but you can have a beautiful tension set diamond ring in titanium for under $300 and a band for $150 or $200. That means that you could have complete titanium wedding sets that include an engagement ring with diamonds, a wedding band for her and matching band for him for less than what just the engagement ring might cost. And you can select polished titanium that mimics platinum so you’re not sacrificing the look you want.

For good value, high quality, durability and comfort of wearing and ease of care, choose titanium rings instead of gold or platinum and enjoy the savings and live a little more carefree.

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