Tools To Become A Birthday Cake Decorating Machine!

Baking birthday cakes is fun and saves a ton of money over buying them from a bakery.  Grocery store birthday cakes are affordable, but they’re gross and no one would go out of their way to eat on.  Instead baking your own allows you to flex your creativity while shrinking your expenses.  In this post I want to share some mandatory tools that you’ll need to get the job done for birthday cakes and most other baking jobs.

A birthday cake will always start with the batter.  You can either buy a cake mix or make your own.  Time available and skill level will determine which you choose.  You’ll get more consistent results with a cake mix, but better flavor from scratch.  In order to get everything prepared you’ll need at least two good sized bowls, one for wet ingredients and another for dry.  A handheld mixer is also important because trying to mix cake by hand is a pain!  The basic small wares that you’ll need are measuring cups, spoons, and spatulas.

Cake molds are also important.  Having a few on hand is helpful, but many times you’ll get a mold for the specific occasion.  There are some, like the guitar cake pan, that can get lots of different uses but for the most part you’ll get them as you need them.  A high quality baking spray is important to use to prevent the cake from sticking to the mold.

Decorating tools are the key to all of this.  You’re going to need a set of icing tips and bags at the very least.  These are used for almost every cake decorating project.  Smoothing spatulas, corn syrup gel, fondant, and rolling pins may also be needed to complete some of the more advanced baking jobs.  The specific tools will normally be purchased as you need them, but be sure to have a set of icing tips and bags before getting started.

Baking your own birthday cakes is a very rewarding experience.  It’s also a skill that you’ll develop as time goes on.  Have fun baking!

PeteTools To Become A Birthday Cake Decorating Machine!