Top 5 Makeup Tips for Asian Women

If you are looking for a stunning look for an up and coming special occasion, try these makeup tips for Asian women to ensure that your eyes stand out as extraordinary.

  1. The Basics: Start by taking your foundation and loose powder set to hand. Dust a little loose powder underneath each eye. This will make it easier for you to brush away any stray eyeshadow without it leaving you with a smudge. If you own eyelid prepping cream, use this now to ensure that the skin evenly absorbs the eyeshadow.
  2. Base Eyeshadow Color: Select a neutral color to brush on your eyelid. Ideally, your chosen color should have gold undertones and should delicately shimmer. If you do not possess a second crease to your eyelid, you will need to create a distinction between your “eyelid” and the “under eye area”. This means you will need to leave a strip directly under the eyebrow that is free of neutral eyeshadow color.
  3. Eyeliner Application: Use a black eyeliner (or dark brown eyeliner if a softer rather than dramatic look is desired) and work this into the upper lash line. This will take no time at all. Proper application should see you producing a full and thick coverage. Your eyes should stand out and your eyelashes should appear much thicker than in reality following eyeliner application.
  4. Adding Eyeshadow Color: To do this, work from the insider corner of your eye outward. Use a minimum of three shades of a jewel color to produce a smooth eyeshadow gradient on your eyelids. In order to create the perfect blend, a soft eyeshadow brush should be used and small, light strokes made. Remember to leave the strip directly underneath your eyes free from eyeshadow. Next, use a small brush to fill the bare strip in with several strokes of a paler, white-like color. The color chosen should ideally match your skin tone. Very pale neutral eyeshadow would prove just as effective.
  5. Applying Mascara: Use volumizing mascara to stroke upwards and outwards. Ensure that mascara is applied to all sides of the upper lashes. Carefully cover your bottom lashes without getting the mascara on to your skin. Comb out any clumps using an eyelash comb then heat up your eyelash curlers with the use of your hair dryer. Once they have become warm, clamp them onto your upper eyelashes a minimum of two times, holding for between 15 and 30 seconds each time you do.
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