Top Ben 10 Toys

Despite Ben 10 having been around now since 2005, the cartoon show and the associated toys are still as popular as ever. There must be something about this normal 10 year old that can transform into aliens to save the world that is fascinating to children. If you are after one of the Ben 10 Alien Force toys to keep your fan happy this Christmas or for an upcoming birthday here is a quick look at some of the best toys on offer.

The video games are a great way to keep your children happy for a few hours. There are now two games available – one for the original cartoon and one for the Alien Force sequel. Both can be bought for the most popular gaming consoles. They are platform games where players can transform into some of the aliens from the TV show. The graphics are good and the game play is quite easy to pick up but challenging as you progress.

For more of an outdoor action game, the Ben 10 Laser set is a good option. The box includes two laser guns that have infrared sensors to score hits made on your opponent. The first to eight hits wins. The guns are chunky and well built so should withstand the battling play they deserve.

Ben 10 role-play is not complete without an Omnitrix watch. This is what allows Ben to transform into one of his many alien alter egos and children love to wear it and pretend they too are transforming. There are a few different versions on the market but the best is the Deluxe Omnitrix. It is the black watch worn by Ben in the original cartoon and includes an LCD screen with a mini video game.

Some of the most popular Ben 10 toys are the action figures. This is because all of the aliens are available in this range in different sizes ranging from a tiny 2cm representation to a large 30cm version. The best of the lot are the 10cm Ben 10 figures. They are fully articulate and very realistic to the aliens in the show.

Any one of these Ben 10 toys will be a hit with your child. Happy shopping.

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