Top Gout Causes and Cures

Gout was referred to in the past as a “rich man’s” disease.  I can understand why this reference in the past, however, today gout knows no social class.  This is perhaps due to the fact that in the past century, diets have expanded across all levels of society.  Food once classed exclusively for the rich is now generally available to everyone and correspondingly so are the effects on health as a result of that type of food.  Now, whether that assessment is accurate or not is not material to treating gout today.  What is sure is that the type of food that we take does play a major part in developing this condition.

When a cell breaks down in the body, purine, a substance in the cells, breaks down as well.  Purine is broken down into uric acid.  Uric acid plays the role of a natural anti oxidant as well as helps in the defense of blood vessel walls before it is excreted through the kidney in the form of urine.  Hyperuricemia is a condition where there is an over abundant supply of uric acid in the blood and can cause various health conditions, including gout.

When hyperuricemia occurs, there is a tendency for urate crystals to collect in joints causing gout whose symptoms include inflammation, redness and pain.  Furthermore, this condition increases your body’s acidity level.  In fact, many physicians will monitor your ph level to indicate any improvement in your condition if you are being treated for gout.  The cause of hyperuricemia can vary however they will all boil down to either an over production of uric acid or a poorly functioning excretion process or organ.

The treatment of high uric acid must be done comprehensively as this condition includes both medication, lifestyle changes and following a series of gout home remedies.  Unfortunately, one may experience a painful gout attack prior to understanding the long term solutions to this condition.  Whether you have suffered from gout for a long time or experienced it for the first time, treatment is made initially to relieve the patient of pain and eventually to address the systemic issue of high uric acid.

There are various drugs that can be taken to address painful symptoms of gout.  These include anti inflammation drugs including non steroid and steroid drugs, as well as pain relievers.  Unfortunately, none of these medications really prevent gout attacks from recurring.  The way to balance and manage the body’s ph level is by making changes to your diet.  Go see a physician or dietician who can develop a diet that will manage the level of uric acid in your blood.  There are many articles that discuss the various benefits of different drugs and gout home remedies; however, some of these may cause side effects in some individuals.  To be sure consult an expert for your individually optimized treatment.

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