Toys for Birthday

If your birthday is coming soon, have you given a thought on how best to celebrate it? Well ok maybe it should be the other way round, as in your friend or child’s birthday is coming soon so how are you going to surprise him or plan a good birthday party? To be honest I do not have any experience planning birthday parties but all I can say is that if you are celebrating for a child, the best thing to get for him or her are some children cheap toys. Why am I saying this? Because toys are the kids best friends and you should never underestimate the gift of a toy. You can get a simply toy car or action figure for the boy or a soft toy or Barbie doll for the girl.

Then there is something that I would also like to share regarding the celebration of birthdays. First of all, not just toys can be used as gifts to the birthday boy or girl but you can even use toys to celebrate the birthday too! I am not talking about party poppers and party hats or going to McDonald’s to celebrate the birthday but I am talking about this cool Melissa and Doug birthday party birthday cake toy. This toy is simply fascinating first of all not only because it is a toy by Melissa and Doug which also means good quality and good price bur also because you can have the party with a real cake and also a toy cake too so it doubles the fun! The greatest part is that this toy is reusable, that is because it uses velcro. To explain in further detail, the cake can be cut up into many different slices using make believe knifes but you can velcro the pieces back after cutting the cake up for another day’s fun. Cool!

PeteToys for Birthday