Travertine Tiles For Your Home Decor

Thinking about a creative way to spruce up an existing space? Or how about combining function with style in a new and hopefully much-used area of your home? If you are searching for tile that is durable and attractive, then travertine tiles may be the best solution for you. Popular for decades and often used in commercial as well as residential settings, this versatile building material may be a great way to complete a variety of interior or exterior areas of your home.

A natural stone such as travertine may have many applications in home décor, adding an air of beauty and warmth to interior spaces, from floors to walls. Many colors and textures are available for the avid consumer to create just the right expression, be it for a kitchen backsplash or countertop, a wall accent, or a hallway.  This hard-wearing material may also be a great choice for paving a patio or garden path. In addition, a balcony or terrace may benefit from a touch of travertine as well. With its characteristic pitted holes and surface troughs, enthusiasts may appreciate the weathered look that comes with using this variety of stone in particular.

Sometimes referred to as travertine limestone or travertine marble, authentic travertine floor tiles, as well as wall tiles and countertops, are available at many retail outlets. The tiles, typically found in four inch by four inch squares, may also be found in twelve inch by four inch sizes, suitable for trim in any number of home areas. As they are composed of a porous material, travertine countertops or flooring may be difficult to maintain. Fortunately, they may be purchased in a ‘filled’ state, so as to make routine cleaning easier and staining less likely.  Moreover, a properly sealed countertop may repel both water and oil-based stains. Likewise as with other flooring options, travertine may be effectively polished to a shiny, smooth finish.  For a home accent inspired by the earth’s natural beauty, versatile travertine may be a great choice for the discriminating home decorator.

PeteTravertine Tiles For Your Home Decor